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Genital Aesthetic with Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Tightening) Surgery

Vaginoplasty is a common surgical operation performed to reshape and tighten the vagina. Problems that occur in the vagina due to birth, aging, and other factors can be corrected with vaginoplasty surgery. It can be defined as an important procedure for women as it aims to improve the internal structure and external appearance of the vagina.

Nowadays, vaginoplasty applications are very common. It is possible to apply for vaginoplasty treatment with medical necessity and aesthetic concerns. In the postoperative process, patients recover in a short time and get the best results. Vaginoplasty, which is among the genital aesthetic surgery operations, is also known among the public as a vaginal tightening procedure.

This procedure, which can be defined as repair applications, is performed by gynecology specialists. In general, these treatments are frequently used to repair the vagina and attached structures due to trauma or injury. It is also known as a vaginal tightening procedure in women.

What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is also known as vaginal tightening surgery among the people. In women, it can be seen that the vagina expands and has various disorders over time due to reasons such as birth, aging, and trauma. Vaginoplasty can be applied to correct such problems and help the vagina regain its former density and flexibility.

Vaginoplasty is defined as a surgical procedure that results in the construction and reconstruction of the vagina. Genitoplasty application, ie genital aesthetic application, pelvic organ prolapse, is applied to repair the vagina. In vaginoplasty operations, the right treatment methods should be preferred according to the condition and expectations of the patients.

From time to time, vaginoplasty treatment may also be needed after the treatment or removal of malignant growths and abscesses to restore vaginal structure and function. Vaginoplasty, also known as cervical narrowing surgery, is used against such disorders that may occur after a different surgical operation.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Vaginoplasty?

It is possible for women whose quality of life decreases due to enlargement and loosening of the vaginal tissue to apply for vaginoplasty treatments. It is also possible for some women with aesthetic concerns to apply for these treatments. Vaginoplasty is a treatment that is generally evaluated depending on health needs, apart from personal preferences. When vaginoplasty comments are examined, it is seen that these treatments are a versatile application.

Vaginoplasty is applied to correct the enlargement and other problems that will occur in the vagina. Vaginal tightening operations can be applied for many reasons, especially birth. Candidates suitable for vaginoplasty treatment are:

  • Those who have problems due to loosening and enlargement of the vaginal tissue after birth,
  • Those who experience sexual function problems and decreased sexual satisfaction with the enlargement of the Vaina tissue,
  • Problems developing due to aging,
  • Those who want the vaginal area to look more aesthetic,
  • Those who experience vaginal discomfort, etc.

The best results are seen in patients after vaginal aesthetics. It is seen that women apply such treatments in terms of creating both a happier active sexual life and a functionally and aesthetically better-looking vagina. According to the general health status, aesthetic concerns, and expectations of the patients, it is possible to apply this treatment to suitable candidates for problems that will occur with advancing age.

How is Vaginoplasty Procedure Performed?

In its simplest form, vaginoplasty is a common surgical operation among women, which is applied to narrow the vagina and restore it to its former state and a more aesthetic appearance. Treatment is applied to reshape and tighten the vaginal tissue. The right method should be preferred for successful results after vaginal tightening surgery. When vaginal tightening methods are examined, vaginoplasty operation usually consists of the following stages:

  • Most of the procedures are performed under general anesthesia.
  • The procedures are started with incisions made on the inside of the vagina.
  • Starting from the entrance of the vagina, tissues are removed up to an average of 6 - 7 cm up to the inner part of the vagina.
  • The tissues are stitched together layer by layer with absorbable surgical sutures inside the vagina.
  • It is aimed to narrow the entire vagina.
  • On average, vaginoplasty surgery is completed within 1-2 hours.

It is extremely important that the general health status of the candidates for vaginal aesthetics is suitable for these procedures. Narrowing of the vaginal tunnel is the most common type of vaginoplasty application. The desired corrections can be made on the front, back and side walls of the vagina by surgical intervention.

What Happens in the Recovery Process After Vaginoplasty?

It is possible to talk about different healing processes from person to person after vaginal aesthetic surgery. Recovery processes also differ according to how patients respond to these surgical interventions. In general, recovery can be achieved as soon as possible with the body's health the medication to be used after surgery and the instructions to be followed. The process will work differently in the complete healing of the area between the vagina and anus and other areas where the application is performed.

Patients may experience mild pain and discomfort after the operation. These pains can be controlled with various painkillers. Problems such as swelling and bruising can be seen around the vagina after surgery. It usually improves within a few weeks. After vaginal tightening operations, it is possible to avoid sexual activity and to apply drug treatments with the observation and follow-up of the patients.

The main problems such as pain, swelling and bruising, bloody discharge, urinary incontinence, and itching are among the most basic indicators of the healing process after vaginoplasty procedures. The healing process after such applications, which have been frequently preferred in recent years, is generally determined by the rules that patients must follow.

What are the Advantages of Vaginoplasty?

The biggest advantage of vaginoplasty applications in women is to obtain a more aesthetic and healthy appearance. These advantages vary depending on health needs, personal preferences, and expectations. In addition, vaginoplasty has an important advantage in women's sexual pleasure. Today, the main advantages obtained by people who apply for vaginoplasty surgery are briefly as follows:

  • Restoration of the vagina after birth is provided,
  • A more aesthetic appearance is obtained,
  • Genetic or congenital abnormalities can be corrected,
  • Pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse are relieved and pleasure is increased,
  • It makes you feel more psychologically confident.

Vaginoplasty applications are extremely advantageous for people with vaginal enlargement problems due to birth or many other reasons. Op. Dr. Nurettin Türktekin, with the help of his expertise in vaginoplasty and modern clinical facilities, contributes to the benefit of all the advantages of the treatment. You can apply for vaginoplasty treatment immediately for a healthier vaginal aesthetic appearance and vaginal health. 



Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs or vesicles seen inside the ovary. Normally, during each menstrual period, a cyst called a follicle, which carries the egg cell and can reach 3 cm in size, forms in the ovaries. Then this cyst cracks and the egg is released. In young girls with ovulation problems, normal or physiological follicle cysts that cannot rupture can grow every month and reach 5-10 cm, while small numbers of 0.5-1 cm in size, which we call polycystic ovaries, can be seen in series. Apart from these functional cysts, benign or malignant ovarian cysts can also be seen in all age groups.

Except for the most common functional ovarian cysts, cysts can be benign or malignant tumoral cysts. In addition, as a result of infection, abscess-shaped cysts may occur, which is usually accompanied by pain and high fever.


Vaginoplasty is performed for women with vaginal enlargement. Vaginoplasty is applied to restore deformations caused by birth, traumas, aging-related effects, and other reasons. Vaginoplasty should be applied in cases where it is desired to reshape and tighten the vagina.

Whether vaginoplasty surgery is painful or not may vary from person to person. Postoperative pain is usually tolerable and can be controlled with good pain management. However, everyone's pain threshold is different, so the pain experience may vary from person to person.

It is aimed to normalize the sexual life of women after vaginoplasty. However, sexual intercourse cannot be performed directly after vaginoplasty. When to return to active sexual life depends on the patient's recovery process. Following the doctor's recommendations, it is decided when to start sexual intercourse after vaginoplasty. In this respect, times vary from person to person.

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